Author Topic: Update Umberto NXT LCA released (v7.0.10.209)  (Read 8285 times)

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Update Umberto NXT LCA released (v7.0.10.209)
« on: September 10, 2013, 18:17 »
We have released today (September 10, 2013) an update for Umberto NXT LCA. The version number is and it replaces the previous release version

This latest version is required in order to be able to install the updated ecoinvent v3.01 database.

This is an intermediate update, available for free to registered users. The update notifier on the start page of Umberto NXT LCA will inform users about the availability of a new version. A link to download the installation file is provided. The ecoinvent v3 database installer has also been updated.

The following changes were made in the new version:
  • Version able to handle ecoinvent v3.01 database, updated master data, e.g. units
  • On opening projects that contain unmodified ecoinvent v3.0 activity datasets, user will be informed on start page about availability of ecoinvent v3.01 datasets, view affected datasets list, replace datasets automatically, log file of replaced datasets
  • Process list shows all activities in a project, export process list to Excel/PDF
  • Processes used in the models now show more information on data source, system model, and activity dataset version
  • When browsing the elementary exchanges the selected exchange now also features data source, compartment/subcompartment in the "View LCIA Factors" dialog
  • Several bugs that were eported by users have been fixed
  • Fixed problem in import routine that led to a small number of multi-output activities just being available in one version as single-output lacking single-output activity versions for the other products (see details here).
  • Fixed error that led to two IMPACT 2002+ midpoint LCIA characterization factors being erronously grouped into the IMPACT 2002+ endpoint LCIA Method
  • Model Migration Tool: The model migration tool for users of Umberto 5.6 for LCA has been updated to match this new version. Some issues in the model migration tool that could cause problems in the migrated project files have been fixed. The tool is available as a separate installer.
  • Updated user manual

We recommend that users of Umberto NXT LCA update to this latest version to benefit from the improvements made. The ecoinvent v3 database should also be replaced as recommended by the ecoinvent Centre. A direct download link for the ecoinvent installer file is displayed on the start page.

For any questions on Umberto NXT LCA, please contact
Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
myUmberto Moderator
ifu Hamburg GmbH