Author Topic: input monitor in Umberto NXT available?  (Read 7232 times)

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input monitor in Umberto NXT available?
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:09 »

in Umberto 5.6 there was an "input monitor" available, so you could set the input flow for different scenarios simulaneously. Is there a similar function given in Umberto NXT LCA or should the input flow set manually for each scenario now?

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Re: input monitor in Umberto NXT available?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2013, 18:13 »
Hello dmutz.

Good point. It seems that you are using the Input Monitor a lot in Umberto 5.6 (e.g. for model variations, different parameter sets etc.), and other users also do this. We also see this as a must have feature for all Umberto NXT versions, although not necessarily implemented the same way as it is in the old Umberto 5.

We want to make the new software more flexible and more user-friendly, so we are thinking of realizing this feature with LiveLinks to Excel as you may know it from our e!Sankey software. Users can maintain and update their parameter values, or input data in Excel files. LiveLink references point into these Excel files. Update of the data will allow to do a calculation of the model with changed value sets. This can be used for sensitivity analysis in Umberto NXT LCA, and for variations of parameters in optimization scenarios in other Umberto NXT versions.

The LiveLink feature has not been completed with this release, and we didn't want to wait for that feature as we thought it is most important to get ecoinvent v3 out to the users asap. But it will surely be available in one of the next releases as an adequate substitute/successor to the good old Input Monitor.

We'll keep you posted on this here in the forum... promised!

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