Author Topic: Known Issues in Umberto NXT LCA  (Read 6490 times)

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Known Issues in Umberto NXT LCA
« on: May 15, 2013, 09:25 »
Although we are striving hard to deliver our software without errors, we are aware that there are still some issues in Umberto NXT LCA.

These are the known issue in the current release (7.08.117):
  • For users who run Umberto NXT CO2 and Umberto NXT LCA in parallel: The direct copying of models or model sections from the ned editor in Umberto NXT CO2 into the net editor of Umberto NXT LCA may cause an exception, especially when the program versions don't match. User should avoid a direct copying between the two applications (BZ#7839).
    Instead they should either use a copy of the .umberto file created with Umberto NXT CO2, and open it with Umberto NXT LCA (the file will be converted). Or, they should save the model/model section to the Module Gallery in Umberto NXT CO2, optionally copy the four stored files to the Module Gallery of their Umberto NXT LCA installation, and then insert the model/model section from the Module Gallery into their model editor.
  • For users who run Umberto NXT CO2 and Umberto NXT LCA in parallel: At present no automatic matching of exchanges from the ecoinvent v2.2 master database to the exchanges of the ecoinvent v2.2 master database in Umberto NXT LCA. These exchanges appear in the "Imported Materials" group. Only the model structure can be used, but materials must be replaced before the Expand feature can be used.
  • Search and filter feature in the Project Explorer not intuitive. It is recommended to use the 'Find' and 'Filter' button in combination. Search string must be removed manually to show all entries again. Tree branches collapse (don't remain expanded) on some actions. A rework of the Project Explorer is planned (TP#9942).
  • For activities inserted in a LCA model, the properties of the process does not give an indication whether the dataset was from the "Attributional, ecoinvent default" or the "Consequential" system model. We will provide such information in the next intermediate release (TP#11584).
  • Performance needs improvement. On notebook the energy saving mode which reduces working memory performance (e.g when running on battery) may significantly reduce working speed.
  • For low screen resolutions (e.g. with a 800x600 video projector connected) window layout and window positioning does not behave correctly. Windows may open at non-default positions, tool bars may show line break whic can not be reverted. We recommend the use of at least a 1920x1200 screen resolution.
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