Author Topic: Update available for Umberto NXT LCA with ecoinvent v2.2  (Read 5422 times)

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We have released today (April 25, 2013) an update version for Umberto NXT LCA with ecoinvent v2.2.

The latest version number is It is mainly a bugfix release and replaces the previous version We recommend you update to this latest version.

If you have access to the internet (and given your security settings don't block access to our update server), a message on the start page of Umberto NXT LCA should notify you about the available update. You can check for updates manually via Help Menu > Check for Updates...

There are two files that need to be downloaded and installed: one for the program installation, and one for the eoinvent v2.2 database installation. Make sure you download both installer files and run them in the given order. Administrator rights are required for installation.

In case you are unable to get update notifications, please contact our Help Desk to receive the direct download links. Registered users of Umberto NXT LCA will also be informed by e-mail.

This intermediate release of Umberto NXT LCA with ecoinvent v2.2 fixes some issues that were reported. Among these are:
  • problem due to limited writing rights when running the software in an environment with temporary/mandatory Windows user profiles.
  • error when using ecoinvent 2.2 datasets that have intermediate exchanges with the basic unit "ma". This unit is now matched correctly to the new unit type "m*year"
  • issue with display of rounded values in flows. In some cases flow values were rounded after six decimal digits.
  • problems when opening a project from the 'Umberto for Carbon Footprint' version in Umberto NXT LCA, or when opening modules in the Module Gallery that were created with 'Umberto for Carbon Footprint' have been fixed.
  • ...

New features in this intermediate update:
  • The export of the model both in the simple view as well as in the Sankey diagram view has been added. You will find this feature under Menu File > Export Model... Supported graphics file formats are PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and EMF.
  • Double-click on .umberto desktop icon launches the corresponding application (only for users who have both 'Umberto NXT LCA' and 'Umberto NXT CO2' installed).

The help file and user manual have been updated. The tutorials have been revised.

Should you have any questions regarding this latest version of Umberto NXT LCA, please contact our Help Desk (

Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
myUmberto Moderator
ifu Hamburg GmbH