Author Topic: New Features for Umberto Carbon Footprint 1.0  (Read 6448 times)

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New Features for Umberto Carbon Footprint 1.0
« on: November 11, 2010, 16:39 »
The launch of Umberto for Carbon Footprint has been successful, and we are busily working on version 1.0 (scheduled to be released January).

Here are some of the features that have already been completed, or that we are still working on right now:
- New Project/New Model assistant that guides the user through setting up a project, defining the functional unit, and choosing the number of life cycle phases. As a result a model stub will be created, which the user can expand.
- Better support for the functional unit. Scale product carbon footprint to one unit of product.
- Performance: we are optimizing the code to bring you faster modeling and calculation.
- Support several master material databases
- Improved usability regarding buttons, labels, menus, and window handling.
- Improved markers in the model showing processes that are not fully or correctly specifed
- Improved log files, giving better support to the user to detect issues during calculations
- A number of bugfixes and many under the hood improvements to ensure stability of the application and consistency of the database.
- Expanded Tutorial and User Manual
- Expanded Online Help
- More example files

We are also discussing which additional data to provide in version 1.0 (see other post).

Any comments or suggestions welcome.
Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
myUmberto Moderator
ifu Hamburg GmbH