Author Topic: Umberto for Carbon Footprint <--> Umberto 5.5  (Read 6993 times)

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Umberto for Carbon Footprint <--> Umberto 5.5
« on: September 24, 2010, 09:21 »
What are the differences between Umberto for Carbon Footprint and Umberto 5.5?

Umberto 5.5 has been developed by ifu Hamburg GmbH since 1993, and is a fully-fledged modelling tool for material and energy flows. It is being used by industrial companies, consulting firms, and research institutes, both for material flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA). For more details and success stories please visit the Umberto website.

The changeover from version Umberto 5 to Umberto 6 involved a major technological overhaul and reimplementation of large parts of the application. With the introduction of the new, modern technology basis, it is now possible to create more focused Umberto versions, that meet the special requirements of different user groups much better than before.

Umberto for Carbon Footprint is the first member of the Umberto 6 product family, designed specifically with users in mind, that wish to model and calculate product carbon footprints. Other tailored solution will follow. There will be, of course, also a successor to the full Umberto 5.5 (Umberto 6 universal).

For more information on Umberto 5.5, Umberto for Carbon Footprint, and the other products offered by ifu Hamburg, please contact us.
Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
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