Author Topic: Why a release version 0.9?  (Read 5591 times)

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Why a release version 0.9?
« on: September 17, 2010, 13:16 »
We have decided to release our first version of \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\' with a release number \"0.9\". \"Why that?\", you might ask.

There are two reasons behind this decision:

The first is, that we want to signal that this is a release version that is known not to be perfect. There are still some known issues (see separate post), that could not be fixed in due time. Even though we think this version is stable enough for you to use, and start working with the software.

On the good side, the 0.9 release is much cheaper than the final list price for a license, plus you will get all future updates within the version step 1.x (that is 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, ...) too! :)

The second is that we had actually planned to add some more functionality to the first release version, in order to make the calculating of product carbon footprint even more intuitive and comfortable. But in order not to delay the market introduction, we have opted to add this functionality only in the coming months.

Examples what imprevements you can expect in version 1.0 are a much better handling of the functional unit using an assistant, and Sankey arrows turned around when showing a carbon footprint Sankey. Watch out for the roadmap for \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\' that will be posted here, and that contains more information on ongoing development activities and planned features.

So, 0.9 is as good as 1.0 ... and 1.0 will even be better ;)
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