Author Topic: List of Features for Umberto for Carbon Footprint 0.9  (Read 6167 times)

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List of Features for Umberto for Carbon Footprint 0.9
« on: September 09, 2010, 13:38 »
Here is a list of features for the Umberto for Carbon Footprint 0.9 software.

- Master material database with  approx. 3000 items with GWP values (from ecoinvent and IPPC2007)
- Support of additional master material databases
- Graphical modelling of product life cycle using network elements process, input, output, connection, arrow. Life cycle phase frame to structure life cycle model.
- Assistant for project/model/functional unit
- Additional graphical elements: rectangle, ellipse, line, text label, ...
- Use images (Clipart, icons, photos)
- Copy&paste of elements and life cycle sections
- Modelling editor options: zooming, grid, snap to grid
- Net overview window
- Module gallery to store life model sections
- Multi-product systems modeling with allocation to products
- Process specification using input&output coefficients
- Process specification using functions and parameter
- Process specification using generic materials
- Unit handling: several unit types, entry units, display units
- Calculate total flows, product related flows, and carbon flows per product
- Sankey diagrams for flows on the inventory level, on the product inventory level, as well as of the calculated CO2 values
- Scaling of Sankey diagram per unit type
- Many options for adapting the layout of the life cycle model and the Sankey diagram
- Carbon Footprint summary and detail view, individual grouping of results
- Breakdown CO2 footprint by life cycle stages
- Breakdown CO2 footprint by direct emission, indirect emission from raw material/energy (upstream), and indirect emission from disposal (downstream)
- Footprint logo showing CO2 footprint value
- Scale results to functional unit
- Print results
- Export to Excel
- dockable, hideable, pinnable, floating windows
- Reference Manual and Tutorial with samples

Please note that we could not realize all planned features, and that we will be implementing more functions in future release versions. See post on roadmap for Umberto for Carbon Footprint.
Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
myUmberto Moderator
ifu Hamburg GmbH