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End-of-life treatment
« on: November 19, 2013, 17:02 »

I'm having difficulties in modeling the end-of-life treatment.

E.g. for waste paper, unsorted
there are four downstream activities available:

- fibre cement roof slate production
- cellulose fibre production, inclusive blowing in
- treatment of waste paper, unsorted, sorting
- market for waste, unsorted

Have I understood it correctly that the first two options are the possibilities to reuse waste paper?

What's the difference between "treatment of waste paper, unsorted, sorting" and "market for waste paper, unsorted"?

Is there a general definition for 'treatment of...' activities and 'market for waste/used...' activities?

If I have understood correctly, 'market for waste/used...' activity is a combination of the other three options depending on how the waste paper is treated in the specific region. Treatment activity would therefore be incineration/landfill.

I would also like to know if the avoided burden for reuse/recycling activities are already considered in the 'market for waste/used...' activities (if they include a share of reuse).

I would be very thankful for any clarifications.

With kind regards,

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Re: End-of-life treatment
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2013, 09:28 »
Dear AK,

Did you use the ecoinvent 3 documentation you can access with online to clarify your questions?

To understand better the markets in ecoinvent 3 there is a good FAQ provided by the ecoinvent Centre:

"... A market dataset collects all activities with the same reference product in a certain geographical region. Furthermore, it includes average transports of that product within the geography, as well as inputs of the product itself to cover losses in trade and transport. In other words, they are consumption mixes of a certain product in a certain geographical region. There are either global or local markets, depending on real-life conditions and on the availability of local transforming activities for specific products....."

I quote here the beginning of the entry about Markets, but there are visuals included, so the full faq entry would be accessible over the link above.

The information on each dataset is accessible via ecoquery. This is an example of a treatment of waste paper dataset:

You may have to login with you ecoinvent 3 user account.
In the case of the treatment of waste paper, the data in ecoinvent 3 comes from ecoinvent 2 and there are reports accessible loggin in with your user account into ecoinvent 2 and all other databases.
The relevant reports for clarifying your questions are 13-I and 13-II on waste treatment General and Waste treatment incineration.

Best regards,

Best Regards / Herzliche Grüße

Martina Prox
ifu Hamburg