Author Topic: US, RER, HK, KI, BL, CA-ON - how to decipher 'Geographies' used in ecoinvent v3  (Read 8690 times)

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Some of you might be wondering what the acronyms used in ecoinvent v3 are. While US, CH, and DE might still be known, KI, BL, CA-ON or WECC will leave many of us puzzled.

In ecoinvent v2 country codes based on ISO 3166 were used to identify countries, plus a set of region codes (RER=Europe, RNA=North America, GLO=Global).

Since in ecoinvent v3 the geographic coverage is not necessarily limited to a country, the geography identifier list is much larger. It has all ISO country codes, plus some "sub-geographies".

For a full list of geography abbreviations used in ecoinvent v3, vist the Documents and Files section on the eoinvent website or download the Excel file 'List of geographies - name, shortcut, IDs and GIS coordinates' directly.
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