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New version Umberto NXT CO2 released
« on: April 25, 2013, 17:15 »
We have released today (April 25, 2013) a successor version to 'Umberto for Carbon Footprint'. This new product version is called Umberto NXT CO2. This is to signal that the software is fully aligned with the Umberto NXT family of products.

The version number is

The trial version can be downloaded here. Users who have previously tested 'Umberto for Carbon Footprint' can test this version again for a 14-day period.

Umberto NXT CO2 contains all features from the predecessor version 'Umberto for Carbon Footprint' plus a number of new, exciting features:
  • Undo/Redo: multiple undo/redo of actions throughout the application
  • direct drag&drop of material entries onto a process, arrow or place in the editor
  • export footprint logo as graphics file, copy footprint logo to clipbaord
  • export carbon footprint model from editor (both normal view/Sankey view) as graphics file, choose export quality dialog
  • Results now presented on tabs "Inventories" and "Results", select different views in selection list on left side
  • Net Parameter: define net parameters, use in definition of process coefficients in field "Functions"
  • Define new material anytime without previously selecting a group in Project Explorer
  • Use input or output flow in process specification directly as manual flow in arrow (via context menu of flow in process specification)
  • Column for data source in specification grids, hideable
  • Improved Sankey scaling menu for models that only have one reference flow (removed redundant entry "All Reference Flows")
  • reworked 'Scale to Functional Unit' feature
  • use of negative coefficients in process specifications
  • improved performance
  • Files created with Umberto for Carbon Footprint or Umberto NXT CO2 can be opened in Umberto NXT LCA
  • Double-click on .umberto desktop icon launches the corresponding application (only for users who have both 'Umberto NXT CO2' and 'Umberto NXT LCA' installed)

Apart from the new features, a number of bugs that had been reported were fixed.

Data has not been updated (data is still from ecoinvent v2.2, since ecoinvent 3 database is not yet available).

User manual and help file have been updated. Tutorials were also revised. There is one new tutorial and pre-installed example (covering biogenic CO2) accessible via the start page. A Corporate Carbon Footprint example file is included.

Registered users of Umberto for Carbon Footprint with a valid license for the new version will be informed by e-mail and receive download links for the installation files.

For any questions on the new version, or to renew your license, please contact
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