Author Topic: ecoinvent v2.2 data in Umberto NXT LCA  (Read 6425 times)

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ecoinvent v2.2 data in Umberto NXT LCA
« on: March 04, 2013, 10:13 »
Due to the fact that the official release of the ecoinvent v3 data is delayed, we have decided to ship Umberto NXT LCA with the existing ecoinvent v2.2 data.

Our customers can benefit from using the new Umberto NXT LCA software already now, and get the new database once it has been published.

Early bird purchasers and customers with an existing Umberto Maintenance and Support Contract will be supplied with the new version and license keys within the next days.

For more information contact us at info-at
Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
myUmberto Moderator
ifu Hamburg GmbH