Author Topic: ecoinvent v3: Are there many new datasets in Ecoinvent v3? Which ones?  (Read 6045 times)

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The new ecoinvent v3 database sports over 9000 activity datasets. To get a better picture, we can distinguish the following groups:
1 - Activity datasets that were directly converted from ecoinvent v2.2, possibly undergoing an update during this conversion.
2 - Activity datasets that were created as a derivate from an existing dataset e.g. a dataset that was available for geography Switzerland (CH) and Europe (RER) in the previous version may now be available for Rest-of-World (ROW) and/or Global (GLO).
3 - Market datasets (see separate post)
4 - Activity datasets that were newly created for this ecoinvent v3 release

A full list for the newly created dataset for this release is not yet available. From the ecoinvent Centre we have information that new datasets have been created for the following areas (this list compiled from presentations held at the 48th LCA Discussion Forum):
- Electricity Mixes
- Additional Global Plastics Production
- Additional Processes for Recycling
- Chemicals
- Food
- Biomass/Biofuels
- Solar Collectors
- Paper & Printing
- Aluminium
- Person transport
- Water data

We will provide a complete list of new process datasets (category 4 above) as soon as we can get a hold of such a list.

Update July 3, 2012: The ecoinvent Centre has informed us, that such a complete list will only be available once the new database has been officially released.

Update May 13, 2013: The list is now available, see this post.
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