Author Topic: ecoinvent v3 data in Umberto NXT LCA  (Read 6117 times)

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ecoinvent v3 data in Umberto NXT LCA
« on: October 26, 2012, 12:23 »
Our new software Umberto NXT LCA will be released jointly with the version 3 of the ecoinvent database. The appoximately 4500-5000 datasets will be incorporated as master data in the software and can be used directly (as unit process or system terminated process) in the life cycle models created in Umberto NXT LCA.

A license for the ecoinvent v3 data is included in the license cost for Umberto NXT LCA.

Further information on ecoinvent v3 data will be posted in this board. Post your questions on ecoinvent data here in the board.

Current status (10/2012): Release of ecoinvent v3 data has been postponed by ecoinvent Centre. No release date has been announced.

Visit for more information on ecoinvent data. Registered users can also direct their inquiries to

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