Author Topic: ecoinvent delay: consequences for beta test and product release  (Read 6274 times)

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Good morning,

yesterday's announcement by ecoinvent to push back the release date by two months has consequences on the official release of Umberto LCA. We will try to get the software out on the market immediately after the official ecoinvent release (approx. 2 weeks after the ecoinvent release date). That would be mid-October. We will also strive to provide a test version without the full ecoinvent content (but some sample ecoinvent datasets, subject to negotiations) by mid-September.

On the other hand, this delay allows us to implement some additional features, which would otherwise have been published only in one of the update releases (6.1, 6.2) later in 2012. And, the delay gives us more time for beta testing. At this point I would suggesst to expand the beta test period until the end of August. We will continue to deliver new beta versions in 2-4 week intervals until then.

Feel free to comment.
Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
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