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BIOGRACE Data in Umberto for Carbon Footprint
« on: December 13, 2011, 09:10 »
Since version 1.1 we are shipping a database with GWP values from the BIOGRACE project as an additional master material database in Umberto for Carbon Footprint. The database contains some 40 entries.

Here is some additional information on these datasets. This post can serve as a starting point for discussions on the 'Korean CF Database'.
  • The BIOGRACE Project is an EU funded project on 'Harmonised Calculation of Biofuels Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Europe (BioGrace)'. As one result of the project an Excel tool was presented that allows calculation of GHG emissions from growing energy crops, including linked processes along the production chain. The spreadsheet is availably publicly and allows a detailed calculation. To provide these values as a material database in Umberto for Carbon Footprint v1.1 the so-called standard values have been used in the version with the weighting factors corresponding to IPCC 2007.
  • The database contains some 40 datasets with GWP values, predominantly for biomass, energy crops and agricultural production processes.
  • Documentation of the datasets can be found in the documentation of the project website. It is recommended to use the original BIOGRACE tool, downloadable from the BIOGRACE website to create material entries with more specific values for use in the carbon footprint.
  • We provide these datasets with GWP values free-of-charge. ifu Hamburg is not the generator of these datasets, and does not give any warranty for them. When using these datasets in your carbon footprint model, make sure they are applicable for your specific situation. If you have specific questions regarding these dataset or the GWP values, please contact the original authors.

For your discussions, please use this thread.
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