Author Topic: Known Issues in Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.0  (Read 7639 times)

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Known Issues in Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.0
« on: March 03, 2011, 06:47 »
We are striving to deliver a robust and bug-free software tool. We are aware that the current version does, however, contain some issues. This is a list of of known issues we have already identified. We are working to fix them for the next intermediate release.

* The printout of the Carbon Footprint Summary and the Export to Excel still  needs adaptation and optimization (#6634)
* For some printer models, cancelling of the print preview window when printing the Carbon Footprint Chart  may lead to problems with the display of the graphical net. Work around: after closing and reopening the project, the carbon footprint model will be visible again. (#6621)
* An unhandled exception may occur in some situatutions when closing the application. This seems to be related to the non-maximized program window and/or the sizes of the individual window panes. Further analysis is being conducted. (#6637)
* There is an issue with the text field, that wraps to its original size when being edited. Also, use of the backspace key in inline editing of tests does not work properly. Hint: you can use the properties editor of the text label to delete charachters in the text.(#6648)
* Handling of decimal point symbol different in \'Function\' column of process specification, and in function editor window. The latter requires a period (\".\"), while in the process specification window, the decimal point symbol of the regional settings is used.
* In some situations, paste of a net model from clipboard to Module Gallery is impossible to due to a greyed out Paste command. A restart of the application will enable use of this feature again.
* A warning message occurs, when a calculated model is manipulated (e.g. an entry in a process specification is edited or substituted) and the model is calculated once again. Recommendation: Ignore the warning, press the calculation button once again.

Should you detect bugs in Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.0, please report them to
Peter Müller-Beilschmidt
myUmberto Moderator
ifu Hamburg GmbH