Author Topic: Update of v0.9 project files to v1.0 (for existing customers)  (Read 7335 times)

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Customers who have been using Umberto for Carbon Footprint in one of the previous versions 0.9.x should observe the following notes:

We have changed the handling of materials from v0.9 to v1.0. In the previous version, all ecoinvent materials were loaded into your project file when opening it. From version v1.0 we will keep ecoinvent materials in a separate master material databases, copying them into the \'Project Materials\' folder only when they are actually used (e.g. in a process specification). This has the great advantage that performance is much better. Searching for materials will search over both, the \'Project Materials\' as well as over all master material databases.

When starting a new carbon footprint project using v1.0, nothing will change for you, and you can select materials from the ecoinvent master material database normally.

When using an existing project file you have built with v0.9 you will keep the 3000 project materials in your project file, but you can still use the datasets from the ecoinvent master material database. However, you might find yourself having duplicates from the old and the new datbases in the project.

We had some reports on issues relating to unit types for some ecoinvent datasets (e.g. for the dataset \'transport, helicopter [GLO]\') in the v0.9 version. These have been fixed in the master material database in v1.0. In such a case it is recommended to use the datasets from the v1.0 version. Should you have used such a dataset in your model, you should replace it.
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