Author Topic: Umberto Hint: Use of Sankey Labels  (Read 5202 times)

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Umberto Hint: Use of Sankey Labels
« on: January 19, 2006, 10:46 »
The Sankey flow diagrams are a good way of visualizing material flows, and they are often used in presentations.

Sankey Labels can be used to display the quantity of the flow represented in the diagram. Using the Sankey options tab in the Network Attributes, the user can select in the Label Options panel to diplay the flow quantity either in the Basic Unit or the Display Unit, or both. Addtionally it is possible to display these values on one single line or on two lines. The Sankey Labels can of course be postioned and edited (colors, font, backdrop, etc.).

Sometimes, however, when choosing to display a flow with both Basic and Display Unit and selecting the \"Two Lines\" option, only one (!) value is shown. The reason for this behaviour is that the different materials in the arrow have different display units defined, which can not be aggregated.

The Sankey Hint (bubble showing when positioning the cursor on an Sankey Arrow) shows the indidual flow quantities in the Display Unit. When using the \"One Color for All Materials\" option, the hint will show all materials in a Sankey Arrow with their individual Display Units and the Sum of the flows in the Basic Unit.  
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