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Dynamic modelling
« on: June 22, 2019, 08:00 »
Hello, my name is Brown.

I have a problem with the dynamic modelling settings and calculations and I would appreciate some help on this topic.

I build a loop within the scenario window of Umberto. I create a reference stock within the transition that takes care of the recirculation, and then I choose a maximum number of steps AND a monitor epsilon of 0.01%.

The observed object is the arrow between the reference stock place and the recirculation transition.I also check the option to look at all the flows and to apply the monitor epsilon conditions to all of them.

BUT the calculations stop after only 3 steps, and the monitor epsilon conditions is far from being respected for several flows !! What is the matter ?

There must be something I am missing... Is there a difference between observing a stock in a place or a flow in an arrow ? Why is the monitor epsilon condition not being respected ?

Thanks in advance for your kind help,