Author Topic: New year - new Umberto update!  (Read 16368 times)

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New year - new Umberto update!
« on: February 08, 2017, 16:17 »
Just with the beginning of 2017 we have released a new Umberto Update on January 26th. So what’s new in Umberto NXT CO2 when you update?

Here you can find a quick overview:

Copy whole models (including net parameters)
  • New functions available in the project explorer to copy and paste whole models.
  • Select a model from the project explorer and use the context menu item 'Copy Model' to copy the desired model including its subnets and net parameters to the Windows clipboard.
  • You can now use the context menu of the 'Models' folder to paste the model from the Windows clipboard to your current or to a new project.

Usability Improvements
  • Result summary views are expanded and result details views are collapsed by default after a calculation.
  • When performing a calculation of a selection, LCIA data of intermediate exchanges will be excluded per default. This can be changed in the 'Options' dialog on the tab 'Calculation'.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed problem with automatic scaling in Windows for high screen resolutions (Ultra HD/4K).
  • Fixed exception when starting Umberto with outdated Model Migration Tool installation files.
  • 'Allocations' grid in the process specification now displays correct basic unit.
  • Process specification now correctly shows 'Reference Flow' in 'Material Type' column instead of 'Good/Bad' for reference flows at system boundaries.

A detailed description how to use the new features can be found in the Release Notes.
We recommend to install the update and always run the latest version.

The latest trial version of Umberto NXT can be obtained from our webpage.

Currently only the license owner receive update notes via e-Mail. If you are working with Umberto and like to receive these e-Mails, just send your name and your e-Mail address to

Should there be any questions, please contact the Umberto help desk at