Author Topic: 'Christmas update' for Umberto NXT Effieciency/ Umberto NXT MFCA  (Read 15569 times)

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Just before Christmas a new Umberto NXT Update is available for our Umberto Maintenance & Support service customers. The Christmas update comes with performance improvements, new features and bug fixes. For example, opening and switching models, as well as switching sankey diagrams on and off are now significantly faster (depending on the computer performance and the size of the model).

Here you can find a quick overview:
  • Performance improvements especially for working with the net editor.
  • Process balance warning for input/output imbalances. By default enabled for the unit type 'Mass'.
  • Usability improvements, e.g. calculation of a model can be reset via the model's context menu.

A detailed description how to use the new features can be found in the Release Notes.
Release Notes for Umberto NXT Efficiency.
Release Notes for Umberto NXT MFCA.
We recommend to install the update and always run the latest version.

Currently only the license owner receive update notes via e-Mail. If you are working with Umberto and like to receive these e-Mails, just send your name and your e-Mail address to

Should there be any questions, please contact the Umberto help desk at