Author Topic: Remarks on ecoinvent v3.1 data from a user perspective  (Read 18471 times)

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Remarks on ecoinvent v3.1 data from a user perspective
« on: October 28, 2014, 09:37 »
Many of the Umberto NXT LCA users will currently be working on an LCA project, where they use the previous version of the database v3.01. They may ask themselves what will happen when they update to the recently released ecoinvent v3.1 database.

The installation process and the three steps to get from v3.01 to v3.1 (including the update of existing models) is described in this PDF file. Make sure you read the PDF before you install and follow the hints.

I am sharing some information on the update to the new ecoinvent v3.1 data with you, and am inviting discussion.

The explanations given are from a user perspective rather then explaining the new data scientifically: My intention is to provide practical user advice to Umberto NXT users for handling the new datasets, and to give hints how to act and react when questions come up.

There have been changes in the ecoinvent data from v3.01 to v3.1. These changes will most likely lead to changes in your inventory and LCIA results. This is partly due to smaller changes or updates made to the background datasets, but may also have other reasons such as activity datasets being abandoned or replaced by other activity datasets. Read more about the changes in the database from v3.01 to v3.1 on this webpage. There are also two linked PDF files that are of interest: one is the change report (70-page PDF), the other is the comparison file.

There is a "new" system model available, called 'Allocation, cut-off, by classification'. As a user of the datasets you can now choose to use all of the approximately 10.000 datasets in the ecoinvent v3.1 database from one the three system models available. Read more about the new system model on the ecoinvent web-page. A 4-page PDF linked on this page has more detail.

Two additional impact assessment methods have been added: One is IPCC 2013, now reflecting updated emission factors published in AR5. The other is Ecological Scarcity 2013. Other impact have not been modified or updated, and we still have to wait for a long expected update e.g. for the CML 2001 method. Changes made with the introduction of ecoinvent v3.0 regarding energy exchanges, that led to changed results when using the cumulative energy demand (CED) indicator have been reverted and renewable energy uptake was re-introduced with v3.1. Consequently the use of CED will yield different results.

I recommend to choose the right moment in regard to ongoing LCA studies to run the master databases updates from v3.01 to v3.1 in Umberto NXT. You may want to finish ongoing studies first, especially when you have already built LCA models, and produced inventories and LCIA results for your report.

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