Author Topic: New GaBi databases available with GaBi SP39  (Read 32533 times)

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New GaBi databases available with GaBi SP39
« on: September 04, 2019, 15:40 »
We have updated the GaBi LCI databases in Umberto to the GaBi Service Pack 39. Among others, the database update includes two new extension databases:

  • Extension database IXb: End of life (Contains 59 processes for disposal, recycling, dynamic process models)
  • Extension database XXII: Carbon Composites (Contains 137 processes based on industry data, 58 of which are unit processes)

Changes made to the data are described in the Changelog GaBi SP 39 provided by thinkstep.

A full overview of all GaBi databases available in Umberto can be found at:

Users of Umberto with GaBi LCI databases will be provided with information on how to upgrade models in accordance to the new data in the Release Notes.

Users of our software tools Umberto LCA+ have the choice of working with ecoinvent v. 3.5 data or with GaBi LCI data depending on their specific data requirements.

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