Author Topic: Use of ecoinvent v3 and GaBi LCI databases in parallel  (Read 6083 times)

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In Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal both the ecoinvent v3 LCI database and the GaBi LCI databases can be used in parallel.

The ecoinvent v3 LCI database with its approx. 9000 processes ('Activities') is shipped by default in Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal.

The GaBi Professional Database and the 24 additional so-called GaBi Extension Databases with more than 6500 datasets can be obtained optionally and installed in addition.

This leaves the full freedom of choosing the most appropriate dataset to the LCA practitioner, who can choose the database or process to use on a case-by-case basis. Even the "mixed use" of datasets from both ecoinvent v3 and GaBi LCI databases is possible.

Handling of the process datasets is done the same way independent of the database chosen: from the Project Explorer (see screenshot) the activity dataset can be simply dragged&dropped onto the modelling editor window.
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