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We are offering 1-day trainings with the software for Umberto for Carbon Footprint.

In these practical trainings you will learn how to model and calculate a product carbon footprint, how to get carbon footprint data, and how to analyse and assess the results.

Regular public trainings with a maximum 6 to 8 participants are held in English and German.

For the next scheduled training days, please see the announcements in the News and Events column. For more information

Inhouse trainings are available on request (training languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese).

Please contact for more details.

This is why delivery of Umberto for Carbon Footprint is currently only as Electronic Software Delivery (ESD):
* fast delivery with download of installer file
* no need to sent packages, less costly especially to foreign countries
* possibility to provide always latest version (no stock of quickly outdated CDs)
* customers are more and more used to ESD

We might be offering boxed version with the installation file on CD, and printed User Manual and Tutorial in the future. The boxed version will probably cost more than the ESD version (to be determined)

General Umberto NXT CO2 / Early Bird Price (until Dec 15, 2010)
« on: September 20, 2010, 18:48 »
A single license for the first version of \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\' is  available for 590,00 Euro (approx. 770 US$) excluding sales tax (where applicable).
Visit the online shop.
Note that this is a one-time price, not an annual license fee. All updates within version series 1.x are included.

This early bird price is available until mid-December 2010. Final list price will be 990,00 Euro (approx 1290 US$). So don\'t miss this special subscription price!

This is for purchase in our online shop and electronich software delivery (ESD).
Price for boxed version with printed user manual to be announced.

Rebates for multiple licenses are as follows:
2 licenses: 20% off each license
3 licenses: 30% off each license

For corporate and classroom licenses please contact us at

Student discounts avaiable. Please send us a copy of your student registration by e-mail, and we will send you a discount coupon.

General Umberto NXT CO2 / Why a release version 0.9?
« on: September 17, 2010, 13:16 »
We have decided to release our first version of \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\' with a release number \"0.9\". \"Why that?\", you might ask.

There are two reasons behind this decision:

The first is, that we want to signal that this is a release version that is known not to be perfect. There are still some known issues (see separate post), that could not be fixed in due time. Even though we think this version is stable enough for you to use, and start working with the software.

On the good side, the 0.9 release is much cheaper than the final list price for a license, plus you will get all future updates within the version step 1.x (that is 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, ...) too! :)

The second is that we had actually planned to add some more functionality to the first release version, in order to make the calculating of product carbon footprint even more intuitive and comfortable. But in order not to delay the market introduction, we have opted to add this functionality only in the coming months.

Examples what imprevements you can expect in version 1.0 are a much better handling of the functional unit using an assistant, and Sankey arrows turned around when showing a carbon footprint Sankey. Watch out for the roadmap for \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\' that will be posted here, and that contains more information on ongoing development activities and planned features.

So, 0.9 is as good as 1.0 ... and 1.0 will even be better ;)

Here is a list of features for the Umberto for Carbon Footprint 0.9 software.

- Master material database with  approx. 3000 items with GWP values (from ecoinvent and IPPC2007)
- Support of additional master material databases
- Graphical modelling of product life cycle using network elements process, input, output, connection, arrow. Life cycle phase frame to structure life cycle model.
- Assistant for project/model/functional unit
- Additional graphical elements: rectangle, ellipse, line, text label, ...
- Use images (Clipart, icons, photos)
- Copy&paste of elements and life cycle sections
- Modelling editor options: zooming, grid, snap to grid
- Net overview window
- Module gallery to store life model sections
- Multi-product systems modeling with allocation to products
- Process specification using input&output coefficients
- Process specification using functions and parameter
- Process specification using generic materials
- Unit handling: several unit types, entry units, display units
- Calculate total flows, product related flows, and carbon flows per product
- Sankey diagrams for flows on the inventory level, on the product inventory level, as well as of the calculated CO2 values
- Scaling of Sankey diagram per unit type
- Many options for adapting the layout of the life cycle model and the Sankey diagram
- Carbon Footprint summary and detail view, individual grouping of results
- Breakdown CO2 footprint by life cycle stages
- Breakdown CO2 footprint by direct emission, indirect emission from raw material/energy (upstream), and indirect emission from disposal (downstream)
- Footprint logo showing CO2 footprint value
- Scale results to functional unit
- Print results
- Export to Excel
- dockable, hideable, pinnable, floating windows
- Reference Manual and Tutorial with samples

Please note that we could not realize all planned features, and that we will be implementing more functions in future release versions. See post on roadmap for Umberto for Carbon Footprint.

We are proud to launch to the market our new software \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\'.

This is a dedicated version of Umberto, that is designed specifically to support your work in  modelling, visualizing, calculating, and assessing the carbon footprint of a product.

It is also the first of a series of software tools of the Umberto product family that is based on a new technological platform (Umberto 6.0 series).

We hope that you like \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\' and invite your questions and comments here in the forum.

We have added this new subforum for the software \'Umberto for Carbon Footprint\'. It has been placed prominently on top of all other boards.

Currently there is no sub-division, so feel free to post your questions and comments on:
- Data
- Modelling
- Technical Issues
- Purchasing/Licensing
all in the same baord. (We might end up splitting up this board into three or four boards when the number of posts gets to high)

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