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General / Re: Ersten Schritte für die Modellierung
« on: October 01, 2019, 18:09 »
Guten Tag,

In den meisten Fällen sind die Informationen in einem technische Datenblatt nicht ausreichend für eine LCA. Wobei aus Ihrer Anfrage auch noch nicht klar hervorging was genau die Zielsetzung der LCA der beiden Anlagen sein soll. Welche Frage(n) werden Sie in Ihrer Abschlußarbeit mit Hilfe einer LCA beantworten. Wenn Sie von "Fußabdruck" der Anlagen schreiben, was wäre dann Ihre Funktionelle Einheit, welche Bilanzgrenzen werden Sie nutzen, soll es ein Vergleich der beiden Anlagen sein?
Wenn es ein Abschlußarbeit gibt, dann gibt es sicher auch einen Betreuer an der Hochschule, der für die methodische Herangehensweise als Sparringspartner fungiert.
An welcher Hochschule und bei welchem Professor schreiben Sie Ihre Abschlußarbeit?

Typischerweise benötigen sie über das technische Datenblatt hinaus Informationen über die vorgelagerten Herstellungsprozesse für die Komponenten der Anlagen.

Hilfreich ist sicherlich auch, wenn Sie ähnliche Studien, die bereits veröffentlicht wurden, recherchieren und die dort gewählte Vorgehensweise daraufhin prüfen, ob Sie für Ihr Vorhaben angepasst werden werden kann.

Eine Ökobilanz für Windenergie finden Sie z.B. hier:

Eien Bachelor-Arbeit, in der auch Kleinwindananlagen betrachtet wurde (nur am Rande LCA) gibt es auch aus dem Jahr 2016:

Die hier genannten PDFs sind nicht als Empfehlung zu verstehen, dass Sie so vorgehen sollten, nur als Beispiele für Informationen, die Sie zur Orientierung nutzen können.

Beste Grüße
Martina Prox

General / Re: Problems calculating cml with a raw sugar model
« on: February 23, 2017, 21:22 »
Dear Vanesa,

thank you for your request. Did you use ecoinvent materials and ecoinvent processes during your modelling of the pre chains  and direct emissions?

If not, meaning in case you created new materials maybe with spanish names, this might be the reason for an incomplete LCIA result. The easiest way to solve the problem is to ensure that you use materials at the system boundaries of your model that are included in the ecoinvent material database.

Without knowing the model it is a bit vague to provide you advice. Do you use Umberto at a University?
if so, who is the professor you work with?

Kind regards,

Hi Christian,

In Umberto NXT Efficiency there is a all functionality of Umberto NXT CO2 integrated in including the GWP-Sankey (last entry in the "Sankey-Dropdown-Menue). So I wonder why you came across the problem that it is not available. could it be an old Umberto NXT Efficiency version, which does not yet include Carbon Footprinting?

Currently there is no plan to include the extended export from Umberto NXT LCA and Universal to CO2 or Efficiency, the price difference is also justified with such differences in functionality.

It's clear that it would be nice from a consultants perspective to exchange between all versions to reduce double work. Currently this is not possible, as most clients work only with one Umberto version, it is under discussion, if for consultants, a "save as" Umberto NXT xxx project is implemented to support this special request from trainers and consultants, but it's not yet decided and so no release plan for this functionality is available.

Please check with the latest Umberto NXT Efficiency Version if there is no GWP-Sankey it should be there!

Best regards,

Data (ecoinvent v3, GaBi) / Re: End-of-life treatment
« on: December 03, 2013, 09:28 »
Dear AK,

Did you use the ecoinvent 3 documentation you can access with online to clarify your questions?

To understand better the markets in ecoinvent 3 there is a good FAQ provided by the ecoinvent Centre:

"... A market dataset collects all activities with the same reference product in a certain geographical region. Furthermore, it includes average transports of that product within the geography, as well as inputs of the product itself to cover losses in trade and transport. In other words, they are consumption mixes of a certain product in a certain geographical region. There are either global or local markets, depending on real-life conditions and on the availability of local transforming activities for specific products....."

I quote here the beginning of the entry about Markets, but there are visuals included, so the full faq entry would be accessible over the link above.

The information on each dataset is accessible via ecoquery. This is an example of a treatment of waste paper dataset:

You may have to login with you ecoinvent 3 user account.
In the case of the treatment of waste paper, the data in ecoinvent 3 comes from ecoinvent 2 and there are reports accessible loggin in with your user account into ecoinvent 2 and all other databases.
The relevant reports for clarifying your questions are 13-I and 13-II on waste treatment General and Waste treatment incineration.

Best regards,

Data (ecoinvent v3, GaBi) / Re: Unable to find datasets
« on: November 10, 2013, 21:52 »

there are several data sets for:

- Printing Ink, but they may refer to offset printing.
- Laptop computers, several desktop computers with or without screens.
It might be that there are not yet data for tablets available.

The waste treatment activities are more general and not that specific.

There are datasets for waste related to electronic equipment.

- market for waste electric and electronic equipment waste electric and electronic equipment    
- market for waste plastic, consumer electronics
- market for waste plastic, industrial electronics

You can use the search function of Umberto NXT LCA to find datasets appropriate for your study or you also may search online on to also see the full documentation. Searching online might be a good option.

Kind regards,

General Umberto NXT CO2 / Re: Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.2
« on: January 24, 2012, 12:38 »
All testers of Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.0 or 1.1, are welcome to download the latest trial version 1.2 and evaluate it for another 30 days.

Happy testing!


ifu Hamburg

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