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Title: What do abbreviations such as [CH], [US] or [RER] stand for?
Post by: pbeilschmidt on January 10, 2013, 15:25
Some users inquire what abbreviations such as [CH], [US], [RER] or the like stand for?

These abbreviations in square brackets in the master data from the ecoinvent v2.2 in Umberto for Carbon Footprint are 2-letter country codes or 3-letter region codes, indicating the geography represented by the dataset. These codes are the original codes used by ecoinvent.

They are taken from ISO3166 a list is available at (

The region codes are not part of ISO list:

The country codes abd region codes are also listed in the official ecoinvent documentation (ecoinvent Report No. 1 - Overview and Methodology v2.0 (2007)) on pages 58-60 (, downloadable from the ecoinvent website (