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Title: Advice for users of Umberto 5 - Changes in Umberto NXT LCA
Post by: pbeilschmidt on November 05, 2012, 16:08
This article points out the changes between Umberto 5 and Umberto NXT LCA, and differences in handling of the two software tools.

Umberto NXT LCA is based on a new technology platform and has been redeveloped completely anew. This ensures that we will be able to continue the development of the software in the future, even if new operating systems start to appear on the market and are being used by our users on their computer. This shift from the "old" technology platform to the new one also allows us to introduce new features that were impossible to implement before, such as copy&paste and Undo/Redo, to name just two tof them.

While reimplementing Umberto 5 in the Umberto NXT LCA variant, we have made some changes that might at first be unfamiliar to the long-time Umberto 5 user. These are typically user interface, usability and handling issues. This list tries to give support to these users.

For a list of new features such as copy&paste of network models or Undo/Redo read this post on Features of Umberto NXT LCA (