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Title: List of Features for Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.0
Post by: pbeilschmidt on February 24, 2011, 07:27
Here is a list of features for the Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.0 software.

- Master material database with  approx. 4000 items with GWP values (from ecoinvent and IPPC2007)
- Support of additional master material databases
- Graphical modelling of product life cycle using network elements process, input, output, connection, arrow.
- Life cycle phase frame to structure life cycle model.
- Assistant for project/model/functional unit
- Additional graphical elements: rectangle, ellipse, line, text label, ...
- Use images (Clipart, icons, photos)
- Copy&paste of elements and life cycle sections
- Modelling editor options: zooming, grid, snap to grid
- Net overview window
- Module gallery to store process modules and life cycle model sections
- Multi-product systems modeling with allocation to products
- Process specification using input&output coefficients
- Process specification using functions and parameters
- Process specification using generic materials
- Unit handling: several unit types, entry units, display units
- Calculate total flows, product related flows, and carbon flows per product
- Sankey diagrams for flows on the inventory level, on the product inventory level, as well as of the calculated CO2 values
- Scaling of Sankey diagram per unit type
- Many options for adapting the layout of the life cycle model and the Sankey diagram
- Carbon Footprint summary and detail view, individual grouping of results
- Breakdown CO2 footprint by life cycle stages
- Breakdown CO2 footprint by direct emission, indirect emission from raw material/energy (upstream), and indirect emission from disposal (downstream)
- Footprint logo showing CO2 footprint value
- Scale results to functional unit
- Print results
- Export to Excel
- dockable, hideable, pinnable, floating windows
- Reference Manual and Tutorial with samples

Download a free 30-day trial version of Umberto for Carbon Footprint 1.0 here