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Title: New GaBi databases available with GaBi SP39
Post by: rbrandt on September 04, 2019, 15:40
We have updated the GaBi LCI databases in Umberto to the GaBi Service Pack 39. Among others, the database update includes two new extension databases:

Changes made to the data are described in the  Changelog GaBi SP 39  ( provided by thinkstep.

A full overview of all GaBi databases available in Umberto can be found at:

Users of Umberto with GaBi LCI databases will be provided with information on how to upgrade models in accordance to the new data in the Release Notes (

Users of our software tools Umberto LCA+ have the choice of working with ecoinvent v. 3.5 data or with GaBi LCI data depending on their specific data requirements.

Kind regards,