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Title: Dataset import
Post by: slevinkel on October 19, 2015, 14:32
Dear Umberto users and stafF,

I am very new to UMBERTO and I am currently going through all the tutorial stages.

I am now trying to import an ecospold format dataset in Umberto. I cannot see any import command in the menu available and I found no information regarding this issue in this Forum.

Could someone help me?

Title: Re: Dataset import
Post by: Tobias Schnackenbeck on October 22, 2015, 15:43
I'm sorry, but importing Ecospold files is not yet supported in Umberto NXT.
Please notice we do provide Ecoinvent 2 and Ecoinvent 3 databases which can be used in Umberto NXT. In case you want to import a non-Ecoinvent based Ecospold file, the "Import Process Specification" function might save some time. It allows to import a process specification from an Excel file and is described in the "Import Process Specification" section of Umberto F1 Help.
Kind regards,

Tobias Schnackenbeck