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Title: ecoinvent announces release of v3.2
Post by: pbeilschmidt on May 20, 2015, 10:55
The ecoinvent Centre has announced the upcoming release of version 3.2 of the ecoinvent LCI database (read official announcement here) (

Many datasets will see updates, new datasets will be added (complete list still undisclosed). What is known already, is that we can expect Chinese electricity data and datasets on refrigerated transport (important for food LCAs).

The staff at ecoinvent Centre is apparently listening to the customer voice: market groups for Europe, North America and some countries that have a regional breakdown will be introduced. This will finally mend the issue that most users faced when woking with European unit datasets with electricity mixes for all countries.

For users of Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal: as soon as we receive the raw data from ecoinvent, we will start converting it to an Umberto NXT master database. This process may take up to 3 months, but we will try to be as quick as possible. Expect the release of ecoinvent v3.2 in Umberto NXT in the second half of 2015. Customers with a valid Maintenance and Support Service will be the first to receive the update.

For more information, please contact our Umberto customer service team (
Title: Re: ecoinvent announces release of v3.2
Post by: pbeilschmidt on December 07, 2015, 10:40
ecoinvent has officially released version v3.2 on Nov 30, 2015 (see announcement (

There are many new and updated LCI datasets in ecoinvent v3.2 (2015). Read here about the main changes and additions to the database (

We are now working to import the ecoinvent v3.2 data in order to provide the datasets as database in Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal. We will inform our customers as soon as the new data is available to them for download. In the meantime, users with valid existing ecoinvent subscription can browse ecoinvent v3.2 datasets online.