Author Topic: how to change several allocation factors if heat and electricity are co-products  (Read 15008 times)

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Dear reader,

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post and question to the forum.
Actually, I read about this problem in a contribution already posted in Januray but there is no answer. Therefore, I post it again.
Do you know a way how to change the allocation factors for every single emission component in a single step? It could be a lot of boring work to go through every single emission and type in the identical allocation factor.
How can I change several allocation factors in one step?

Thank you very much for any help.

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Dear Philipp,
for adjusting the allocation factors, you have basically three options in umberto:

1)   Using physical causality -> The allocation factor is automatically adjusted based on the basic unit of the reference flows
2)   Economically -> allocation factors are based on the market price times basic unit of reference products. The factor is also adjusted automatically
3)   User defined allocation factors -> no automatic, bulk adjustment feasible

I am assuming, that you are entering user defined allocation factors. Unfortunately, not automatic or bulk adjustment is feasible. However, there are three work arounds to handle that issue:

1)   You can set up dummy values for market prices of your reference products in order use to economic allocation option to automatically set up the allocation factors
2)   Python scripting allows to set up the allocation factors (but:takes some effort to implement)
3)   If you are working with a result dataset, you can convert the process to a unit dataset with much less expenses to allocate, adjust the allocation factor and expand the intermediates

Hope the hints do help with your issue.
Kind regards,